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How To Use ?

 Iron On Clothes Labels

To apply iron-on labels, use your home iron.

Attention: as clothing labels are permanent, please test them first on an unused item or hidden area of the clothing. Never apply the iron directly onto the label.

Suitable for: Cotton, polyester, acrylic and similar fabrics.

Reference: Parchment paper, 2 Iron on test labels.


Preheat DRY iron to 160 degrees° C or choose silk/wool/medium heat,

then follow the steps below: (temperature and time could change according to fabrics)

1. Peel off the label from its package.

2. Place the label on dry clothing, text side up.

3. Cover label with the parchment paper supplied.

4. Press iron firmly onto the parchment paper for 10-20 seconds.

5. When finish, you should see the fabric texture on the label.

**Please wait 24 hours before the first wash.


Sticker melting following ironing:

this could mean that the iron temperature is too high. Reduce temperature and repeat the above steps.

 The label does not fully attach after ironing:

this could mean that the iron temperature is too low. Increase temperature and repeat above steps or increase pressure time.


After attaching the sticker it is recommended to wait 24 hours before the first wash.

Wash: 60°C maximum, inside out.

Tumble-dry: yes

Dry cleaning: no

Ironing: backside

Name Stickers:

U NAME IT  Name Stickers are  dishwasher, microwave and freezer  safe.

Suitable for: 

Bottles, pacifiers, bicycle, scooters, helmets, plastic items, wood, paper etc.


To apply your Name Sticker, simply peel the sticker off its package and stick it  on your desirable item.

1. Stick your Name Stickers on smooth, clean and dry surfaces.

2. Avoid using them on plastic items that have high silicon content (non-stick), greasy feel or highly-textured surface.

3. Rub firmly over the whole label, especially around the edges. Ensure no air bubbles form under the sticker.

4. It is recommend to wait at least two-three days for the adhesive to dry before using it in a dishwasher.

 Shoe Stickers

Reference: Transparent Stickers


1. Stick your Name Sticker inside the shoe at the heel area. Make sure to clean area of dust and grease.

2. Ensure no air bubbles form under the sticker.

3. Stick the transparent sticker over the Name Sticker to prevent abrasion.

Attention: Parents should always apply all Name Stickers themselves.

Printed edible paper :

The best way to remove the icing paper from the plastic sheet and place it on your (cup)-cake

Step 1: Remove the icing sheet out of its plastic bag. Try not to touch the icing itself, rather hold the edges of the paper where there is no icing.

Step 2: Store the sheet for approximately two minutes in a dry freezer on a flat surface. Please make sure that the sheet is not touching any ice or any of the freezer elements.

Step 3: Take the sheet out of the freezer and place the edge of the icing sheet on a flat surface. Carefully pull the plastic sheet down away from the icing sheet.
Alternatively use a thin knife and gently slide it underneath the icing.
If the icing is not coming away from the plastic, put it back in the freezer for a few seconds. Repeat this until the icing lifts off easily.

Step 4: Once the icing is loose from the plastic, immediately place it on your (cup)-cake. To “glue” the icing either use a very slight amount of water or any kind of cream or jam. Once the icing is on the (cup)-cake try not to move it anymore.

Tip: Try to ensure that nothing touches the icing after it has been placed on the cupcake (like plastic covering).

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