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Our Story

My name is Ester Danziger and I am the founder of  U NAME IT and a mom of two sweet kids, Ron and Tamar.

From the moment I became a mother it was important for me to spend time with my little ones. In order for me to do that, I looked for a home-based business idea that would allow me to work and stay at home with my children. It was not easy trying to think of something I was passionate about… until Ron, my son, started kindergarten.

When he first came back home with another kid’s jacket, I laughed. A few days later, when he came home with some pink flowery socks on, then with a different hat, gloves, bottle and so on, it started to get annoying.  I was frustrated! Having talked to Ron, trying to solve this issue, he told me he had a Panda sign next to his name in kindergarten, making it easier for him and the other kids to recognize their stuff.

I started labeling everything, trying to help my son and the kindergarten staff tell his thins apart from the other kids’ stuff. It was such a relief getting all my son’s things back so easily, but I couldn’t find a label that lasted long. They all fell off after a short while. Then it occurred to me that this could be my home-based business! I decided to create the finest quality name stickers, which would also be fun, stylish, functional, and guaranteed to last.

Our Vision & Core values

While planning U NAME IT website and products I based my vision and core values on my view regarding parenting in general. Here are the main points of my vision and values:

Responsibility & Independence – by labeling my children’s belongings I help them become more responsible and independent. They learn the importance of bringing their stuff back home, recognizing their name when they are still young and noticing differences between colors and shapes on the stickers.

Health and Safety – I have a lot of concerns when it comes to my kids, but health and safety are my top priority. At U NAME IT I use OEKO-TEX Certificated products to avoid any sensitivity or allergic reaction when using “Clothing Labels” in areas where the label may come in contact with the child’s skin. Plus, on the U NAME IT website you will find a special category of “Kids Safety”.

Control – there are so many things I need to manage during the day: taking the kids to school, bring them back, taking them to afternoon activities and more. When labeling my kids belongings I enjoy more control without making any effort. Thanks to U NAME IT name stickers I can trust my kids to find their things and bring them back home.

Design & Creativity – All name stickers are designed by a professional graphic designer and Illustrator.  I and my team do the best to create designed products that are fun for kids, meeting the requirements of parents.

Giving – In order to help others I have established a fundraising program for daycares and schools. As part of this program, up to 20% commission of all non-discounted purchases will be given to non-profit organizations or other projects chosen by the schools.

U NAME IT name stickers are manufactured by me in Switzerland, using top of the line materials that are guaranteed to last. These materials are waterproof, and contain a strong adhesive for long use. The entire product line of personalized name stickers is dishwasher, washer, dryer, microwave and freezer safe.

It is important for me to give my customers the best service and user experience. If you have a special request or any questions, please contact me at  info@unameit.ch

Best Regards,

Ester Danziger

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